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Friday, 13 September 2013

Arnside Knott and Tower

Defying a poor weather forecast my wife and I (plus dog) had a day out walking up Arnside Knott , a view from near the summit of the rail viaduct crossing the Kent Estuary .
My wife and Charlie rest on a somewhat antiquated seat (Charlie is being bribed with a treat to pose )
Arnside Knott was a popular Victorian venue and they had the habit of 'knotting ' saplings together - here is the result , sadly dead now .
Looking across the Estuary towards the Coniston Fells in the far distance.
 Grange in the distance - is that a hint of blue sky I see !
At this point my photographic record ceases for a while as I became lost confused on our exact location and concentrate on map reading , a not very impressive photo of Arnside Knott.
Ah ! the highlight of the walk- Arnside Tower (well mine anyway my wife is a bit indifferent on ruined buildings !)
I've seen Arnside Tower at a distance for years but never been to look at it close up , it was one of the 'things to do' on my retirement .

The Tower or more properly Tower House was built around 1340ish , rebuilt in 1602 after a fire and gradually fell into disuse .
In 1884 a corner of it fell down in a 'great storm' ! .
Sadly it is slowly falling into ruin and although I like my ruins overgrown a little repair would go a long way to preserve it for future generations.
Had my wife had not been present I might of been tempted to investigate closer ignoring the 'Dangerous Building' sign she drew my attention to rather pointedly !

I'm afraid I rather overdosed on the photos - here's the corner that fell down .
You would not want to be in the way of that when it fell down !
I found it very impressive !.
A parting shot .
The Tower in the landscape, with a rather unpicturesque farm in front of it . A good walk with the added bonus that we were able to gather some blackberries which my wife made into Blackberry Crumble - Mmmm! 

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