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A Walk Up Longsleddale.

My wife being on holiday we decided to go for a walk up Longsleddale  on the eastern fringe of the Lake District . We pack our lunch up and got everything ready the night before as parking at the top of the valley is limited and as an area it's becoming popular. The morning was very grey and cool when we set off but when we reached Sadgill were we parked the car we had emerged into bright sunlight .

The tarmac road ends at Sadgill but the old road up to the now defunct slate quarries continues on.

Where we are heading .

Sadgill farm .

Looking back down the valley - looks like we have left the bad weather behind us .

Charlie poses for the camera .

Still climbing - beginning to get a bit warm walking , Buckthorn Cragg on the right , there are Ravens nesting on it and we saw several flying about.

The start of the River Sprint.

The track was paved by the Victorian slate miners who brought the slate  down on sledges pulled by horses .

Getting nearer the top - defiantly getting warm walking and frequent stop to admire the scenery and catch ones breath.

Charlie is introduced to snow - not much but there were still bits hidden from the sun up near the summit and he has not seen it before because of our mild winter - he likes it !.

The summit of Gatesgarth Pass with Mardale and High Street fells in the distance.

Harter Fell .

We stop for lunch , a table with a view ! , Mardale is hidden in the middle right .

Charlie attempts to rip my throat out ! (he is trying to lick crumbs of food from my beard - see dogs have their uses !)

There that's better ! - master and dog in harmony . 

Looking back down the Longsleddale valley . After lunch we decided to return without going further - the dog was getting tired ! - or was it us ?.

As we returned the weather was closing in , by the time we got home it was very misty and rather cold and our next door neighbour said it had been that way all day ! - felt rather smug that we had such nice weather !. This was Charlies first go at fell walking and although he found it a bit hot he did very well - better than us maybe !.

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