Thursday, 15 May 2014

Friday, 21 June 2013

Hay Fever Stops Play !.

Well there has been precious little 'Rural Ryding' of late , started off on a walk down to the river and after about 10 minutes started sneezing and my eyes itching - the dreaded Hay Fever !. I got away not having it much last year - due to the rainy summer we had , but this year it has caught up with me !. So I painted the hen house with 'Creocoat' - got the top half done - note the colour difference and will finish it off next week.
For some reason the hens refuse to pose to be photographed !
After a week of clearing the duck weed from the little pond every day this week I think I am slowly winning !.
Even some of the bedding plants I put in are stating to bloom !.
This years Foxgloves - my sort of plant- come up unbidden and sort themselves out . Next week I must start sorting the garden at the front of the house out 

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