Saturday, 21 June 2014

Holiday 14 (part2)

We decided to do a walk that circumnavigated Chatsworth House - the ancestral home of the Duke of Devonshire .

The rather ornate bridge leading to the House.

It was rather overcast , but a bit cooler - thank the Lord !.

The route takes you around the woods that surround the house there are a couple lakes which supply the fountains etc in the gardens , this is the 'Swiss Lake' .

A rather nice and ornate hunting lodge - with Mrs 'K' for scale .

There are a couple of cannons near the lodge. 

I think they are naval cannonades .

Looking down on Chatsworth House .

A strange looking tree - a bit 'Lord of the Ringsish'

A Victorian 'folly' 

A view of the gardens .

Another strange tree .

We did not bother to look around the house because we had Charlie with us and it was heaving with tourists! .Just as we were leaving the Fountain started up - think its the tallest in the U.K. 

We stopped off for Afternoon Tea - Charlie was tired ! - he didn't even pester for snacks !
Too be continued.....

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