Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dog Proofing the Garden .

Was going to go for a walk this morning it not raining- but my conscience got the better of me and I decided to start putting up some wire mesh to stop the puppy escaping as he arrives in 2 weeks time.

This is the galvanised wire mesh I  will be using , it's a right pain to cut and I  had to borrow various snips and pliers from my brother-in-law to accomplish this . It is to springy to be hacksawed and is tough enough to make your hands ache cutting it with pliers . It was originally destined for the hen run but now designated for canine use.
Tilly looks on with disdain . The seat is another job that wont's doing , it needs cleaning up and painting / varnishing .It was going to get done last year but the weather did not allow that. 
Getting there slowly , cutting it so that it has a row of spikes on the bottom that push into the earth and the hedge should grow and hold it in place, NOTE  bedding plants deciding whether to grow or die .
Of course no job can be undertaken without Hodge coming to inspect , I have not seen a cat with such a curly tail - think he may have a lemur in his ancestors somewhere .
Removable fence/gate to stop puppy from straying down the alleyway or into next doors garden ! . This is the Mark2 version and its natural springiness will keep it wedged in place , well a good job done with only one minor cut which bled out of all proportion to its size - all we need now is the puppy .
A more recent photo of Charlie savaging his soon to be masters hand !. Rather aware that there has not been much 'Rural Ryding' in this blog so far , but the rainy weather and more domestic duties have prevented jaunts out .

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