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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Chips and Steam .

When my wife said -'shall we have fish & chips for tea' I agreed quickly - any excuse not to cook ! . So we went to Bolton-Le-Sands chip shop and drove down to the beach to eat them .

Last time we were here it was nice and warm and a beautiful sunset -on that occasion I had forgot my camera so as I had remembered it this time I was ready  - however!- an icy wind dictated we eat in the car and the view was uninspiring .
Looking across the Kent estuary towards the Grange peninsular.
On our return to the main road we were stopped at the railway crossing , I noticed a group of people waiting with cameras at the ready , I got out of the car and was in time to capture The Earl of Mount Edgecumbe  and the Duchess of Sutherland returning from a Steam Trip . My father worked on the Railways and I am old enough to remember the last days of steam - Ahh the smell of steam engine  smoke - that takes me back !.
The Earl of Mount Edgecumbe.
The Duchess of Sutherland (now in green livery)

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