Thursday, 15 May 2014

Friday, 6 December 2013

New Arrivals.

Sadly one of our hens died this week - Charlotte our remaining White Sussex bantam . The first cold weather of the winter often sorts out the weaker members of the flock . So we rang around for a replacement , not that easy at this time of year but we finally tracked down a lady who had 3 but wanted to sell them as a group . We went round and were charmed by them , above Barney and Beatrice - Yes we think we have a cockerel - young hens are NOT easy to sex and she suspected one of these being a male - so she did not charge use for him/she - time will tell !. They are Blue Wyndots .
The other member of the trio is Gertrude a Spangled-Hamburg cross , with a rather impressive plume on her head . None of these will be laying till next Spring , but luckily a couple of our others have started laying again having all been in moult.

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