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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bank Holiday Walk

Okay so I'm a bit late posting this but I took the photos and it was such a nice day so.......

We parked the car in Sedgwick next to the old bridge and set off walking along the route of the canal.
A bridge to nowhere ! , this bridge once spanned the canal but now is redundant - but rather picturesque !.
A closer shot with Charlie in it for scale.
Nature is busy reclaiming it .
We continued along the canal through Larkrigg woods and the down to the river.
We had our picnic beside the river overlooking the footbridge . We had take Charlie's mid day meal with us - which he scoffed in about 20 seconds and the preceded to pester us for our sandwiches - he had to be placated with half a apple (a lesson learnt there ! - take him something more complicated to eat next time !)
Charlie inspects how safe the bridge is !.
My wife and Charlie on the bridge - Jo is not keen on this bridge because it sways when you walk across it and did complain how long it took to pose and take this photo.
Sedgwick House - very impressive , now turned over into flats , once the seat of the Wakefield family and served as a rest and recuperation home for fire fighters during WW2 .
A view over Sedgwick House and the surrounding area , with the cricket pitch in the middle ground . A nice day out with perfect weather - not bad for a Bank Holiday. 

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