Thursday, 15 May 2014

Monday, 26 August 2013

Early Morning Walk.

Because my wife was on an early shift this morning I was awake at about 5.30am and finding I could not get back to sleep decided to get up and take Charlie for a walk . So showered and shaved we were on the road for 7.30am . It was a beautiful morning without a cloud in the sky ad I thought I would try out the camera on my new 'Android'(?) phone, here is a photo of the River Kent just down the road from our village.
The river further downstream , it was wonderfully quiet and we never saw a soul whilst we were out .
Charlie waits patiently for me to fiddle around with the camera on my phone. Of course the next challenge was to get them downloaded onto the computer , which I succeeded in do after the odd false start.
Charlie with 3 legged bear - the other one had to be amputated after he damaged it beyond repair 

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