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Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Trip to Slaughterhouse Lane.

No not the latest Tarentino film- just a little lane near Stainton .
Not best surfaced road in the South Lakes - but seeing it only leads to a ford probably only people who actually live down this lane use it .
Hmm ! a bit overgrown .
My sister who lived in the area many years ago once told me this building was the slaughterhouse (?).
The Packhorse bridge which was the main reason for this jaunt.
Very narrow and with low parapet walls so that the packs on the ponies could cross without catching them .
Another view of the bridge .
The ford itself just up stream from the bridge to allow passage of larger waggons and so on. I did not cycle through it - it is deeper than it looks.
Having left Stainton I continued towards the canal , the surrounding fields are covered in buttercups .
The aqueduct which allows Stainton beck to flow under the Lancaster-Kendal canal.
There is a foot way to allow local worker to get to the watermills down stream (not sure what these mills produced-must investigate further.) The plaque with 171 on it means that this is the 171st structure either over or under the canal .
The canal looking Southish from Stainton bridge.
Looking Northish ,the canal only has water in it to this point and the Canal Trust had a volunteer Summer Camp last year to excavate the next 200 yards or so and reline it . The bad weather delayed their progress but they hope to finish it off this year. They have a long term plan to reopen the entire length of the canal from Glasson Docks near Lancaster and Kendal .
Whilst cycling home - well pushing the bike up hills I noticed these fungi growing on a Ash tree - my father used to call them 'Jews Lugs' pretty sure that is not the correct scientific name !
Wild flowers photoed whilst pausing for breath
Looking towards Sedgwick with the Lakeland fells in the distance.
The Helm an ascent of which will be a future subject. NOTE  all these rows about Wind Turbines and everybody has become used to the lines of Pylons which march across the countryside . Given time nobody will notice the wind farms in the future.
More rather pretty wild flours - I should be looking into identifying them.
Crosscrake Churchyard- I must admit I like my churchyard left to nature .
Sizergh Fell with its Prehistoric Burial Cairns is to be the subject of another outing.
The Author at rest on a seat provided by the Crosscrake Women's Institute on their 75th Anniversary - thank you ladies !.

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