Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sunday, 16 June 2013

More in the Garden

My wife was complaining about the struggle it was to get to the compost bin, so I decided to clear up the path leading to it . I did not take a before photo as it was horrendous ! - rumours that Amelia Erhart's plane had crash landed in there or lost tribes of pygmies proved luckily wrong ! .
The compost bin I presume ! - the hens love the weeds I threw into their run - scratching about for goodies !. I must get another pump for the pond as water runs out of the mask mounted on the old grindstone. The old one finally died last year after working for about 10 years.
The smaller of my 2 ponds covered in duck weed - what is it about duck weed - you can spend hours  scraping it up of the surface of the water and overnight it is back again !.
You would have thought with all this industry I would have worn something stouter and move suitable than carpet slippers - WRONG ! , here they are having been cleaned up so they can fulfil their primary role in the house.

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