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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Kendal Castle.

We took the dog for a quick walk around Kendal Castle on rather a dull day that threatened rain - hence the quick walk !. The view of  Kendal 'The Auld Grey Toon'.
The one surviving tower , the castle is very derelict - most of the buildings in Kendal probably have a bit of stonework from the castle.
A 'garderobe' exit - a medieval toilet - the 'waste' dropped into the moat !!!
The user end of the above toilet - minus a seat .
The interior of the castle - reputedly the birth place of Catherine Parr - Henry the Eights last and surviving wife . The castle was owned by the Parr's at this time - but it is very unlikely that she was born here as they had far more prestigious properties nearer London .
Part of a corbled store room under the main hall building.
A helpful plaque - the castle was in bad repair in 1600's and has gone down hill since !.
One of the more impressive pieces of masonry . A nice walk - I have not visited the castle in ages and the rain held off !.

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