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Friday, 26 July 2013

And Another Bridge.

Think I should have called this blog - 'The Lancaster to Kendal Canal'! as this entry features it yet again.

Now that our new puppy 'Charlie' is settling in a bit better I have been able to leave him in his crate for an hour or so to get other things done . Being only 12 weeks old he is a bit limited on how far he can walk so most of his exercise is very local indeed . So taking advantage of his afternoon nap I had a quick walk down the lane to the canal footpath and set off towards Sedgwick , this bridge is as far as I know always been called 'Larkrigg' bridge after the nearby farm .It's a rather fine structure with the towpath for the horse to pull the barge on the right hand side.
On the bridge arch you can see where the rope attached to the barge has cut into the stonework whilst it was being dragged by the horse.
A closer view .
The canal cut looking South from the bridge . The Canal has been filled in North of this point , I can just remember as a small child the local 'dustcarts' tipping their load on it to fill it up . Not as nasty as it seems-50 odd years ago the rubbish probably consisted of domestic fire ash and the odd tin can - all the modern plastic packaging not being present then.
Just North of the bridge the engineers planted some fir trees to help hold the banking up . At this point the batteries in my camera died so taking this as a omen I walked back into the village just in time for Charlie's afternoon feed. Hopefully I will be able to get out on my bike next week 

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