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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bath Time For Charlie !

We thought it a good idea to get Charlie used to having a bath , so my wife went onto Amazon and found a suitable baby bath which promptly arrived today in a very large cardboard box - about twice the size of the actual bath ! and having read up on the internet 'how to bath a puppy' we gave it a go . The above photo is the only one I actually managed to take during the process as I was needed to hold the dog . The bathing went not to badly seeing it was our first attempt but drying him involved him charging around the living room and rolling on the rug to dry himself rather than stay still for use to apply towels !.
Having given up trying to dry him we let him dry off on the cardboard packaging .
This packaging proved a great source of amusement to both Charlie and Hodge .
Hodge investigates !
We have been taking Charlie to a widening choice of walks this last week or so , events which my inability to remember to take my camera / or take photos when I did have gone unrecorded !. However here is one of Kendal with the Lakeland fells in the background I took from the Helm .

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