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Friday, 9 August 2013

A Short Cut To Mushrooms

Could not resist pinching the title from a chapter in 'Lord of the Rings' , actually its a short walk we took the dog on to visit a local view point called 'The Mushroom'

Charlie prepares for a trip out , he has never been a problem in the car -just sits on the back seat and goes to sleep.
One of the advantages of visiting Scout Scar is that there is plenty of car parking and its only a short journey from home . A view from the path across onto Cunswick Scar and the Shap Fells beyond.
Looking North towards the Kentmere Valley and fells .
The Langdale Fells in the distance - looking a bit ominous !.
Charlie having a run around !.

The objective of our walk - The Mushroom (well at a distance it looks like one !)
My wife rests with Charlie.
Luckily there is a plaque , so it saves me doing a lot of explaining .
Inside the rim is a panoramic view of the surrounding hills .
The Mushroom is set on a long Limestone escarpment .
Charlie thinks I have the training treats about my person !. It has just occurred to me that for the last 2 month or so I have been wearing nothing but a T shirt , shorts and sandals (not the same ones all the time !) who says we don't have a summer !
Looking east towards the Howgill Fells and the Yorkshire Dales.
Charlie finds some water to drink .
Looking South along the escarpment . This bit was called 'Roger's Leap'  after a local farmer who bet that he could ride a horse down the crag - unfortunately he and the horse perished doing this rather silly thing !.
My wife became concerned that Charlie would follow his example !.
The crags looking North. A brisk walk with the weather better than it forecast and Charlie got to meet several friendly dogs , we must do this walk again

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