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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Helsington Barrows

We took the dog for a short walk today and acting on the advice of my sister we went onto Helsington Barrows a piece of land owned by the National Trust which adjoins the Scout Scar Limestone ridge .

Looking onto Arnside Knott and the River Kent estuary.
Helsington Barrows is an odd landscape with Limestone outcrops and wooded areas .
Home to some VERY  oddly shaped trees !
Myself and Charlie - no its not some sort of 'ear trumpet' I'm using nor am I scratching my ear - it's one of those ball throwing devices for amusing dogs and the ball attached is hidden behind my head.
Lakeland Fells , the Coniston range on the left through to the Langdales on the right.
Our village from a different direction than I normally see it , with the Helm overlooking it and the Barbon fells in the background.

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