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Monday, 11 November 2013

Another Piece Of Roman Pottery.

Went for a walk the other day down to the river and as there has been a lot of rain recently I checked the washed out banking for any Roman finds and found this piece of pottery.
It's a piece of 'Black Burnished Ware' , which was produced I think in Britain at the time and often locally . It belonged to a wide shallow bowl and if you where clever enough you could probably work out it's circumference by the radius of the rim (I'm not !).
Unfortunately it broke whilst I was trying to unearth it and I have had to glue it together . The little piece originally fit better than now as I dropped it when trying to glue it all together and the dog got it and started chewing it !. There is a criss-crossed lined pattern out the outside .
The depth and profile can be judged from this photo. I will be visiting the site again and will try and take some 'Interesting' photos of the forts remains - if some bumps in a field can be made interesting !?.

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