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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Belated Holiday Photos Part 2 .

Finally got around to sorting out the remaining photos taken on holiday . There is a lot of Forestry land around Gatehouse of Fleet and most have way-marked walks , we walked several of them, above believe it or not is the remains of a Norman Motte and Bailey castle now very overgrown and of course the trees weren't there when it was built - must admit I never thought of the Normans having a influence in this part of Scotland ?.
This Tarn had been enlarged to provide a reservoir for the Victorian mills further down stream .
There was meant to be various pieces of 'Art' on this walk - we only managed to find about half of them .
The 'object d art' without my wife or dog .
Think this one is meant to be a bird ?! - clever !
With some difficulty we manage to visit a area of ancient woodland just above Creetown (the signs to the car park were missing on the last half mile or so !)
'Oh no ! not another pile of stones' my wife said - actually it is a Prehistoric Long Barrow .
The entrance is marked by two large standing stones , one now fallen .
Yet another photo of this amazing structure - well I think so !.
Looking down onto Creetown in the distance.
We stop for lunch - Charlie has his as well - and eats it rapidly so he can pester us for ours !
My wife looks disbelievingly at me as I describe the ancient grain drying kiln before us !
And to prove it there's a plaque describing it .
I was in my element now - Medieval houses !! - note flagged passage way in centre of house .
With dog in photo to give scale to it ! . There must have been a small village here in Medieval times as there were several of these buildings scattered about the woods , this one had been excavated recently , luckily the trees had been planted around the buildings so as not to damage them with their roots.
Charlie sits on a unexcavated one .
Part of the wood had been fenced off to keep the deer out to allow regrowth .
This area is one of the few remaining Ancient woodland in Southern Scotland . A great holiday even if the weather was not brilliant !.

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