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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Belated Holiday Photos.

I have finally got around to sorting out the photos I took of our holiday in Scotland . We stayed in a static caravan on a farm near Gatehouse of Fleet in Galloway and the way the weather was- it was a wise decision !
This photo is typical of the weather in Scotland .
Brilliant beaches - but very windswept !.
We went on a short walk to visit St Ninnian's cave , here we are approaching the beach .
When we reach the beach we where in for a shock ! - rough or what !
The site of the cave (not very big)
My wife takes a photo of me in the cave (will have to down load the photos from her camera as well)
People had left small devotional items about the cave , here's a cute one .
Returning from the beach somewhat windswept I noticed this small bridge next to the path .
And evidence of dangerous bulls in trees !.
Although the weather was at times damp it did not stop us getting some walking in , here's Gatehouse of Fleet hidden in the trees.
My wife on top of a Pictish hill fort (she was less than impressed and failed to see my enthusiasm for it !)
To prove it's Pictish some Pictish carving !.
The carved stone is protected by a steel cage - which Charlie found he could enter , thus breaking some bylaws I suspect !.
His next crime ! it must be stressed he did not purse and kill the sheep but found it dead - VERY dead ! , it stank to high heaven and he tried to devour it with great relish - Ugh ! ,he had to be dragged away !
A picturesque ruined chapel .
A picturesque damp wife and dog ! (Jo thinks - 'Oh no not more ruins'!)
Very pretty - I like ruins and graveyards so this was a double whammy for me !.
Spoooky !

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